How to become a partner Agency

The Oregon Recreation and Park Association (ORPA) is currently searching for new partner agencies/organizations for the Outdoor Seekers Program. The program is designed to:

  • Increase the number of Oregon youth and families benefiting from outdoor recreation experiences;
  • Create a uniting message for providers of outdoor recreation opportunities in Oregon;
  • Create a united publicity and marketing strategy to the public for all involved agencies and organizations;
  • Result in more informal collaborations and formal partnerships between all involved agencies and organizations;
  • Complement the No Oregon Child Left Inside Legislation by creating more opportunities for environmental education and outdoor recreation;
  • Promote an increase in family health and wellness;
  • Increase future stewardship of outdoor resources;
  • Increase the overall quality of life for Oregon’s youth and families; and
  • Highlight the abundant natural resources and recreation opportunities available in Oregon, and stimulate economic development from those resources.

If your agency/organization’s mission aligns with these objectives, ORPA encourages you to become an Outdoor Seekers Program partner. Program partners must be a federal, state, county, municipal, nonprofit, or for-profit agency or organization that provides outdoor recreation opportunities in the state of Oregon. Partners agencies/organizations will need to have one or more youth programs (allowing participation for people age 6-12 in one or more of the 10 passport activities) during the program season (May1 st – October 31 st, 2011). 

If your organization is interested in becoming a passport program partner, please contact us. Thank you for your interest in reconnecting Oregon's children to the outdoors!
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Camp out Under the Stars
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Celebrate Oregon’s Culture & History
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